Mt. Eerie – 2007-02-25

March 8th, 2007

Yet again it takes me two weeks to put up a show. I used to be so good about doing it the next day.

This show was the final night of The Vera Project’s re-opening celebration. Let’s do a quick rundown of the show.

Ghost To Falco opened the show and I liked them. The third song they played had such a sweet looped guitar line in it so that song is highly recommended.

Tiny Vipers followed and she was just as good as the last time I saw her. She’s kind of like Joanna Newsom but instead of a harp she plays a guitar. Such a good voice.

The Holy Ghost Revival played third. Imagine if Axl Rose grew up on the Hog Farm. That’s what the lead singer embodies. This band really got the crowd going.

Headliner was Phil Elverum performing as Mt. Eerie. I’d never seen him perform before and I’d only listened to some of The Microphones’ material, so I didn’t really know what to expect. What he delivered was about an hour of endearing acoustic ballads about everything and anything. His performance style reminded me of Kimya Dawson a great deal. Highly recommended.

All in all, a good show. And it was free too. So… win-win-win. We all win.

Ghost To Falco – 2007-02-25 The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: gtf2007-02-25sample.mp3

Tiny Vipers – 2007-02-25 The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: tv2007-02-25sample.mp3

The Holy Ghost Revival – 2007-02-25 The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: hgr2007-02-25sample.mp3

Mt. Eerie – 2007-02-25 The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: mteerie2007-02-25sample.mp3

8 Responses to “Mt. Eerie – 2007-02-25”

  1. Jackson Says:

    Hey Brian, it’s Jackson, from the show. How are you doing? Did you get I sent you an email awhile ago? If not shoot me an email. My recording came out well. Did you want some of the other mount eerie soundboards that I’ve collected?

    Let me know.

  2. chris Says:

    hey, did you record the do make say think show last night at neumos or know someone who did? i went to the show but didnt take any photos, film, record, or do anything… show was cool though. i’d like to get whatever anybody has.

    also, if jackson from above is reading, i’d be into getting mount eerie shows, i don’t really have any of his stuff but maybe we could trade for some other stuff i have or work something out.

  3. chris Says:

    in addition i have one of the first microphones tapes (the one called ‘microphone’) if either of you have a way to transfer it to CD, maybe we could work that out sometime as well..

  4. Jackson Says:

    Wow. I would love to have a transfer of that. I do not have any means to transfer it though. Send me an email Chris at I have 2002-09-08(NJ), 2006-05-06(??), and 2005-03-06 (Coppenhagen) all soundboards. And 2006-11-22 (Bellingham) audience. I might be getting some more soundboards in the future but how far I am not sure.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Nice recording dude, thanks. Shame you didn’t get Y.A.C.H.T.’s set though, that shit was fucking epic.

  6. Brian Says:

    I would have recorded YACHT but he played out in the foyer and it wasn’t really feasible to move all of my shit. It is a shame, I agree.

  7. ryan Says:

    Hi. Thank you very much for the Mount Eerie show.

  8. julian camilo Says:

    thank you very much for the mount eerie recording. going to see him in august, very excited. thank you again.

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