These Arms Are Snakes, Akimbo – 2007-02-24

February 26th, 2007

Watching any performance that These Arms Are Snakes puts on is like dropping a ball of yarn off of the Empire State Building and holding onto to the end of the string. All you can do is watch it unravel and fly around.

Not to say that their shows are an ungodly mess. Quite the opposite. Their performance is an ungodly ball of awesome. It’s just that the frontman, Steve Snere, takes it upon himself to slowly lose it at every show. He doesn’t go into G.G. Allin territory or anything, but he certainly doesn’t “keep it together”. There is seductive dancing on top of the house stacks. There is “oh shut the fuck up” shouted at the crowd. There is undulating of hips on members of the crowd. All of these things and more can be had at a Snakes show.

They played a lot of stuff from the new album and since the new album is kickassawesome, this show was kickassawesome. Akimbo also trotted out some new songs with some face-melting shredding going on. All in all: a fun show to help commemorate the re-opening of The Vera.

Akimbo – 2007-02-24 The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: akimbo2007-02-24sample.mp3

These Arms Are Snakes – 2007-02-24 The Vera Project – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: taas2007-02-24sample.mp3

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