Do Make Say Think – 2007-03-07

March 9th, 2007

In the world of instrumental rock, there are those who lead and there are those who follow. For every Explosions In The Sky there are dozens of “me too!” band that follow.

Do Make Say Think has always led. There is quite literally no other post-rock band that sounds like DMST. Their liberal use of saxophones and trumpets trademarks the jazzy sound that they have crafted over their five-album career of the last decade.

After opener The Berg Sans Nipple finished their set (which was actually very good, so check out that recording too), DMST took the stage and played for a solid hour and forty-five minutes. Some of the newer songs with vocals seemed to throw the flow of the set off a bit, but the inclusion of songs like Frederica, The Landlord Is Dead, and A Tender History In Rust; the set was more than satisfying.

So download this and enjoy it. I guess I don’t often say “This is a good one, listen to it!” because I think all of my recordings are that way to a certain degree. But in this case I am saying that. This is a good one. Listen to it.

The Berg Sans Nipple – 2007-03-07 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: bsn2007-03-07sample.mp3

Do Make Say Think – 2007-03-07 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: dmst2007-03-07sample.mp3

5 Responses to “Do Make Say Think – 2007-03-07”

  1. estress Says:

    AWESOME! you taped Berg Sans Nipple!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ok, let me explain my “excitement”. I live in Paris (where the guys met, mostly live now & created the band) so I’ve had the opportunity of seeing these 2 several times. They are really cool live.
    Dr Schönberg (Lori Sean Berg aka the brown haired dude in BSN) sometimes plays percussions with Herman Düne (live for the past 2 years & on the last, but not so good, album) as he’s the cousin of the HD drummer Neman. There’s a little indie scene in Paris around the Dunes & their million friends & relatives: they all play at the same venues (Pop In, Point Ephemere, Mains D’oeuvres -> Mo’Fo Festival, Les Instants Chavirés, La Guinguette Pirate, etc.) and play with each other’s bands (live & on record). The music is never the same, they all have different styles (folk, rock, punk, electronica, kraut, jazz…) but enjoy playing together (and I love seeing these one of shows & I’m not the only one!).
    Thanks for the recording (recordingS: I also like DMST).
    Sorry for blabbing on. I just don’t think people outside Paris fully realize (or even know about) how great & varied the scene is around here!

    .cas. (estress is for my email log & Dime account)

    PS: I have a couple of BSN recordings (one is mine & very distorted because I was enjoying the show so much I didn’t even look at the recorder so the levels are wrong hehe)

  2. Brian Says:

    Awesome. That’s actually really cool estress. Thanks for posting that.

  3. estress Says:

    It’s funny that you also like Kimya Dawson because she’s also friends with the dunes (along with most of the former antifolk scene). The Dunes played with her the last times she played in Paris (I was there!) and were her backing band on her previous LP Hidden Vagenda (on most of the songs). They also toured with her MANY times. Ever heard the song Paris on her last album? Kimya’s namedropping a lot of the people who make up my favorite scene in town. The first time she ever played that song live in front of everyone involved was at the 2004 mofo festival & I was in the front row (I recorded it too, it was seeded on Dime last year by someone I didn’t know who got it 3rd or 4th hand in a trade).

    The Dunes also love the K record artists (long before Kimya signed with them because they’re long time fans of Calvin Johnson).
    David & Neman played with Kyle Field “little wing” (member of the K family) in Paris twice. At le point ephemere, this January, Schönerg of Berg Sans Nipple was also part of the one night only band with Neman HD & David “yaya” HD (and also Kyle’s friend Lee Baggett whose songs I didn’t really enjoy). Kyle sang 2 or 3 songs, David sang 2 or 3, Lee sang a couple, then Kyle again, David, Lee & so on. The “band” played backing everyone the whole time (kyle & david switched on bass) for about 2 hours (great show but I didn’t record it due to a nasty basketball injury on my right wrist – I’m useless with my left hand so it wasn’t worth the trouble & pain).
    A few years ago it was the missing Dune brother Andre who played live with Kyle on la guinguette pirate (aka the Pirate Ship).
    One big family… sort of.

    PS: I think Mt Eerie was one of the first to play in the basement at the Pop In. It’s a bar in Paris where David HD does his open mic night on Sundays (when he’s not on tour) & where they have tons of indie shows. The dunes played there hundreds of times, tested their numerous side projects there & still invite all their friends to play in that tiny basement (including Kimya Dawson, Adam Green, Julie Doiron, Turner Cody, Lapin Machin, El Boy Die, Labolduc, etc.). Some really talented artists (from everywhere, not just Paris) have played their first shows there, in front of a small friendly crowd who appreciates all sorts of music (even if the artists can’t get record deals & sell homemade tapes or CDRs for a few euros & beg for a place to crash that night). I love that place: great music, cool people & cheap drinks (considering Paris prices).

  4. Gaelen Says:

    After being blown away by DMST in Vancouver, the thought “I sure hope tapes the Seattle show” popped into my had. Thank you!

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