Girl Talk – 2007-07-27

July 31st, 2007

Not that many updates recently which is a culmination of factors. Mostly because there haven’t been a lot of shows worth going to lately and I’ve been kinda doing nothing all summer. Finally a few shows cropped up that I had the energy to go to and tape.

So here is Girl Talk from Friday night at the block party. I’ll put up the openers soon (Cancer Rising and The Trucks) but I figure most people just want to get let their freak flag fly to some Girl Talk as soon as possible.

Also: Within the next few days I’m going to post the audio from the Marnie Stern show I went to last month. I keep meaning to do it but I forget or I get lazy or BLAH BLAH FART. I also recorded some video at that show so I’ll try to torrent that as well.

Girl Talk – 2007-07-27 Capitol Hill Block Party – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: gtalk2007-07-27sample.mp3

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  1. josh Says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you! downloading now to ease the pain of being stuck outside the show on Friday.

  2. Brian Says:

    Yeah I didn’t even know that was the case until I read the story on some other blog. I suppose it makes sense that people were shut out (hottest act of the block party, last act of the night, small club) but I didn’t have any trouble getting in. I did, however, get into Neumo’s at about 9:30 or so.

  3. OasisDouglas Says:

    AWESOME to see you posting to the blog again. I was hoping you were doing ok after the ESP/Brakes show. (Thanks again for your help there!!)

    Hope your summer is going well and maybe I’ll bump into ya at a show this fall.

    THANKS for your efforts.

  4. josh Says:

    I assumed that it would “sell out”, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. I imagined that there would at least be a little bit of turnover after the Trucks or that they would let people in as space became available. Sounds like the guards just got fed up with the crowd and decided not to let anyone in after about 11.

  5. adam Says:

    i got in to neumo’s when viva voce was about half done so i just stayed there until girl talk started. right up in the middle, it was awesome. thanks for the recording!

  6. christa Says:

    it’s amazing to be able to hear it again, i never want to forget that wonderful set! thanks so much for uploading this!

  7. dg Says:

    sweet! I was another one of the unlucky people who, after waiting an hour and a half, were 10 feet away from the door when they shut it down. Thanks so much!

  8. Steve Poland Says:

    you rock! thank you! btw, for anyone that didn’t see this yet — his new years eve show in chicago 2006 —

  9. andy Says:

    I am so amazed I got into neumo’s at all that night. thanks for the recording.

  10. estress Says:

    Great news about the Marnie Stern set!
    I was hoping you’d taped her.

    Paris is pretty much dead in the summer too concert-wise…
    The only good shows we’ve had in July were:
    Animal Collective/Gravenhurst/Sebastien Schuller
    Andy Yorke (formerly of Unbelievable Truth)& This is the kit
    Kimya Dawson/Angelo Spencer/Lucky Dragons
    No Age/Mika Miko/Le Club des Chats
    Then nothing interesting for at least 2 or 3 weeks…


  11. The viva voce guy Says:

    Hi, nice to see the site active again. By any chance did you record the Viva Voce set?

  12. Josh Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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