Caspian – Live DVD

June 1st, 2007

Posting this real quick before I head out to go backpacking for the weekend:

Torrent Link: caspian2007-04-28.hv20.akgc1000s.dvdf.torrent

Stream On Google Video:

6 Responses to “Caspian – Live DVD”

  1. ciaran Says:


  2. skim Says:

    can’t wait to see this. thanks brian!

  3. auto-de-fe Says:

    a post-rock taper to post-rock taper–albeit one is more proflific then the other:

    think you can help gifts from enola out?

  4. mike Says:


    Any chance of your taping Battles?


  5. Aaron Says:

    This is rad. I would love to see some live Battles, as well.

  6. Brian Says:

    Reseed of the DVD:

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