Sorry about the downtime…

January 17th, 2007

Yeah so Registerfly never let me know that my domain was about to expire and it lapsed. Then I paid the 9 dollar renewal fee and it still hadn’t been renewed. Then I tried for days to get someone to respond to a support ticket or a phone call (on hold for over an hour) or even an online support chat… nothing. Then I found out that I had to pay 13 dollars to re-activate the expired domain which leads me to believe that I didn’t really have to pay a renewal fee to begin with but I’m not even going to bother trying to get my 9 dollars back. I just won’t ever register a domain again with Registerfly because their support sector is a fucking joke.

Also, sorry there haven’t been any live recordings in a while… I haven’t gone to any shows and I’m working two jobs. I’m going to try to tape Do Make Say Think next month and Red Sparowes in March. In between I’ll try and catch some local acts and see what I can get recorded. Maybe I’ll put up some tapes I made before I had this site up and running. I have an Animal Collective recording and a Band of Horses recording and they’re both pretty good. I’ll try and get those up tonight.

2 Responses to “Sorry about the downtime…”

  1. luis Says:

    im getting crc errors in hksfv for minus the bear.

    i even downloaded it twice to double check.

    anyone else?

  2. Brian Says:

    I think I might have edited the metadata after I made the sfv file… that’s probably what happened. As long as the files unzip properly without errors, they should be good to go.

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