The Fall Of Troy – 2006-06-09

June 10th, 2006

Sometimes I go to shows and tape for people when I normally would have just sat at home. Usually it’s a good experience, like when I taped Massive Attack and Murder By Death. Last night I taped The Fall Of Troy for a friend of mine and, overall, it was a good show.

The low points of the show were:

  • The venue is probably the shittiest in the city, bar none.
  • There were four bands, three of which I’d never even heard of.
  • The band I was there to tape unexpectedly ended up playing last.
  • It was an all-ages show full of obnoxious kids.
  • The high points:

  • I had no problem getting into the venue to tape.
  • Nobody bothered me.
  • The show started at 5 and I got home at 8:30.
  • The Fall Of Troy melted my fucking face off.
  • The opening bands weren’t terrible but they weren’t really my scene. The whole night was like being transported back to freshman year of college when I would go to shows at this venue all the time (back when it was called The Graceland). The first band, Classic Case, sounded a lot like Thrice. The second and third bands, Showbread and He Is Legend, were both Christian rock acts that I can’t say I hated or loved. They just sort of exist.

    The Fall Of Troy, though, can do no wrong. They’re head and shoulders above the other bands on this tour, and not just because Thomas Erak can fucking shred his way around six strings either (because, let me tell you, he can). The band is just so damn tight and spot-on. They’re very good at creating segues into and out of their songs and you’ll never hear a song just like you heard it on the CD.

    So here are all of the sets from last night. For all you punk rock kids who need to re-live last night’s get together.

    The Fall Of Troy – 2006-06-09 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
    MP3 Sample: fot2006-06-09sample.mp3

    Update: Someone filmed the new song Excreations with a digital camera and the video turned out decent, so I mixed it with my audio.

    Download: Excreations_fixed.mpg

    EDIT: Removed opening sets to make space on the server.

    5 Responses to “The Fall Of Troy – 2006-06-09”

    1. Zach Says:

      brian i cant thank you enough for taping this show for me, and the sound quality has to be the fall of troy recording too date….

      good job

    2. Brian Says:

      Added the Excreations video. Enjoy.

    3. Francisco Says:

      Great band, great recording, thanks man

    4. Eric Says:

      what exactly is downloaded if i save the show? i did it and came up with FLAC files. i was wondering if i could get it MP3? thanks.

    5. mykeltorrez Says:

      thanks alotalotalot

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