Band Of Horses – 2006-04-14

April 15th, 2006

Last night was the second of two nights Band Of Horses played at Neumo’s. They played pretty much the same setlist (sans “St. Augstine”) and it was just as good as it was on Thursday. The venue was less talkative and since I recorded from the venue floor, the recording came out a little fuller sounding I think.

Unfortunately, this recording has diginoise on a few tracks where I bumped or moved the recorder. This is testament to the fact that when I’m stealth recording, I need to just leave the recorder alone and not check the levels. I just get worried that, somehow, the Microtrack has stopped recording or I’m clipping or whatever. I need to cut that out.

Band Of Horses – 2006-04-14 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: boh2006-04-14sample.mp3

7 Responses to “Band Of Horses – 2006-04-14”

  1. OasisDouglas Says:

    Thanks so much for taping and sharing the lossless files. I’m really excited to check it out and I now have concert remorse in not going.

    Douglas in Fed Way

  2. Jamie Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for posting.

  3. chris Says:

    did you happen to tape helvetia (first opener), i’d like to use it for their website if you have it. that would be cool, & you could be credited and everything.

    it’s great to see someone around seattle interested in taping live. there seems to be kind of a void for that here, certainly in the indie show circles anyway.

  4. Brian Says:

    I didn’t tape Helvetia because I was stealthing. When I stealth I don’t often tape an opener unless I really need to test my levels (which is why I taped Sera Cahoone the night before).

  5. mikeA Says:

    thank you for taping this sweet show.

  6. funkyratchet Says:

    thanks so much for posting this…

  7. heavyscrewdriver Says:

    Thanks a lot for recording and sharing both of these awesome Band Of Horses shows! I just got into this band in the last few days and now I’m severely addicted so these 2 recordings should help cure the jones!

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