KEXP’s Song of the Day for Mondays

August 11th, 2009

Hello readers. The summer is almost over and I will be living in Eugene, Oregon in the fall. This means that I’ll be back in a city with a hospitable taping environment and venues that host bands that are not Uncle Wilson’s Bluegrass Experience. Expect some uploads from me around late September.

Secondly, in addition to filming in studio performances, I am now working for KEXP as a contributing writer to the Song of the Day feature. If you’re interested in reading my entries, make sure to read the write-ups on Mondays.

Here are some entries I’ve already written:

  • Rubik – No Escape (2009-08-10)
  • Yppah – Sunflower Sunkissed (2009-08-03)
  • So Many Dynamos – New Bones (2009-07-27)
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