DVD: Marnie Stern

February 14th, 2008

Finally got around to making this into a DVD. No menus or anything because I’m tired of thinking up new and exciting ways to present DVDs. Just the facts, ma’am.

This DVD is highly recommended if you want to see some ridiculous drumming. I mean just ridiculous. Zach Hill is amazing.

Also, I’m trying to get this up on Google Video but it’s just not working for some reason. I’ll keep trying, though.

Torrent Download: mstern2007-06-24.hv20.akgc1000s.dvdf.torrent

2 Responses to “DVD: Marnie Stern”

  1. ciaran Says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve never listened to Marnie Stern but I like hella so I’ll get this! Thanks. :)

  2. cfloyd Says:

    More people need to have downloaded this on traders den.. no one is sharing. Garr! Could I send someone a DVD or something?

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