The Fall Of Troy, Tera Melos – 2007-05-01

May 2nd, 2007

I am never any good at predicting a crowd turnout. Whenever I show up mega-early, there is never anyone there. Whenever I stroll in a little bit late, the place is packed. I think it’s because I assume that everyone likes a band as much as I do and so when I get all excited about a show I just assume that everyone is just as excited.

Last night The Fall of Troy had their CD release show in the Atlas Clothing stock room with Tera Melos and The Look opening up for them. I thought the place would be packed to the walls given that a) this town loves The Fall of Troy, b) Manipulator is probably the most anticipated EVR record of the year c) the show was five bucks.

Turns out, the place didn’t even get to full capacity. I guess the contributing factors were that the show was on a Tuesday night and it didn’t really get any promotion due to how last-minute the gig was. But hey, I’m not complaining. Less people the better if you ask me. The people that were there really wanted to hear the guys shred and shred they did. Once Tim fixed his bass rig so it stopped sounding like poop, they tore the place up.

Tera Melos was a band I had heard about but never had a chance to see. After watching their set I can tell you that I am a big big fan. Amazing musicians; all three of those guys. Sweet jazz-style drumming and very unique and compelling guitar work that just doesn’t quit. Highly recommended!


The Fall Of Troy – 2007-05-01 Atlas Clothing – Seattle, WA
Torrent Link: fot2007-05-01.hv20.akgc1000s.dvdf.torrent


The Fall Of Troy – 2007-05-01 Atlas Clothing – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: fot2007-05-01sample.mp3

Tera Melos – 2007-05-01 Atlas Clothing – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: tm2007-05-01sample.mp3

9 Responses to “The Fall Of Troy, Tera Melos – 2007-05-01”

  1. ciarannn Says:

    Oh great joy!

  2. DigiDan Says:

    There’s something wrong… for me at least. I could not unzip the file. It said it was corrupt or invalid. This is for the Tera Melos set, I didn’t bother with TFOT. So, idk if it’s just my problem or if theres something wrong with the file.

  3. DigiDan Says:

    I’m sorry, ignore my last comment, I spoke too soon. I just re-downloaded the file and it worked this time. Thanks for recording and sharing!

  4. ciarannn Says:

    Ha, Tera Melos uses a sample of Martin from the Simpsons near the start of track 2.

    I’ll try and do you a tracklist for the Tera Melos, Brian.

  5. Brian Says:

    The sample they use from “Instrument” is fucking hilarious. That clip cracks me up every time I hear it.

    “Ice cream eating motherfucker. That’s what you are.”

  6. john Says:

    the tracklist (to the best of my ability, gathered from several live bootlegs and seeing them play these songs):

    2.when worms learn to fly
    3.”hey we’re called tera melos”
    5.49 rods
    6.long or crazy*

    *i’m VERY unsure about 6, seeing as the band changes the names of their songs a lot, but they had up a “live from the boardwalk 2” bootleg on their website awhile ago from when they had worms in the band and there was a song called “no longer long or crazy” that had a looot of the same riffs and passages as the song on this.

  7. Dylan Says:

    Thanks for this tracklisting John.
    I’m interested in these live bootlegs you have. Only live stuff from them I have is this.

    Think you could help me out, or point me in the direction of where you got them or something?

  8. josh Says:


  9. mike Says:

    will there ever be vid of tera melos posted???

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