The Books – 2007-04-26 (Plus BONUS SHOW!)

April 27th, 2007

Kudos to The Books for attracting a Seattle crowd that isn’t full of douchenozzles and assholes. It’s not often that a 21+ crowd is quiet enough that you can actually hear the opening act’s set; especially when that act consists of one guy playing the violin (The opening act, Todd Reynolds, is amazing and I highly recommend him if you get a chance to see him play).

The problems I had with Neumo’s at the Mono show were not present last night at The Books’ show for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that I didn’t bring my full recording rig so I wasn’t in anyone’s way. I stealthed the show, but with permission from both Paul and Nick and I made sure that the venue knew I was recording and that I had explicit permission from both band members. I really didn’t expect to be able to record but I brought my stealth gear just in case I was feeling up to the task (FYI: I really hate stealthing but I always seem to forget that until 15 minutes into a set when my knees start to ache and my heels are numb).

As a bonus, I am also posting my recording of The Books that I did last year with permission from Nick. I had a short talk with him at the merch table and asked him if I should refrain from posting the evening’s performance on the Internet and he sheepishly replied “Yeah… I don’t really care so much about that anymore. It’s not a big deal if you post it online.” which made me super excited since the recording I did last year is one of my most favorite tapes to listen to.

So here you go. Two recordings of The Books in one delicious post. I also have video of the show from last year that I have yet to put on DVD so maybe I’ll get around to doing that soon.

The Books – 2007-04-26 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: books2007-04-26sample.mp3

The Books – 2006-04-21 UW HUB – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: books2006-04-21sample.mp3

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  1. Greg Says:


  2. Theo Says:

    THANKS, any setlist???

  3. Brian Says:

    Well the setlists are in the zip files but here you go:

    For the most recent show:

    01. All A’s
    02. An Owl With Knees
    03. If Not Now, Whenever
    04. Don’t Even Sing About It
    05. 8 Frame
    06. The Classy Penguin
    07. Tokyo
    08. It Never Changes To Stop
    09. Meditation
    10. Be Good To Them Always
    11. Smells Like Content
    12. Take Time
    13. That Right Ain’t Shit
    14. The Future, Wouldn’t That Be Nice?

    And for last year’s show:

    01. That Right Ain’t Shit
    02. Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again
    03. Be Good To Them Always
    04. Smells Like Content
    05. Take Time
    06. Meditation
    07. It Never Changes To Stop
    08. The Classy Penguin
    09. If Not Now, Whenever
    10. Don’t Even Sing About It
    11. An Owl With Knees
    12. Cello Song
    13. Twelve Fold Chain

  4. Alvert K. Says:

    Thanks for The Books recordings!
    Guess they won’t be playing in Holland, so it’ll be the only chance for me to hear how they sound live. Great stuff!

    Alvert K.

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