Eugene Mirman; A Few Clips

April 15th, 2007

Last year when I taped the Suicide Squeeze 10th Anniversary shows (three nights in late June/early July), a comedian by the name of Eugene Mirman MC’d the festivities. He mostly offered up banter in between bands and introduced them with his own brand of charm.

On the first two nights, however, Eugene volunteered two five minute segments of comedy that still make me laugh as much as they did when he told them the first time.

The first bit he did took a few jabs at Myspace and made fun of shitty amateur musicians (as well as dispelling myths about bears). His second bit was a makeshift quiz show where he made fun of audience members who willingly participated in his shenanigans and good fun was had by all.

Technical Note: the clip from 2006-06-29 is just an AUD source and the clip from 2006-06-30 is an AUD/SBD matrix. Just an FYI there.

Eugene Mirman – 2006-06-29 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
FLAC Download: emirman2006-06-29d1t01.flac
MP3 Download: emirman2006-06-29d1t01.mp3

Eugene Mirman – 2006-06-30 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
FLAC Download: emirman2006-06-30d1t01.flac
MP3 Download: emirman2006-06-30d1t01.mp3

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