Girl Talk – 2007-01-27

January 28th, 2007

Last week I was at a Stephen Malkmus show (not taping) and about halfway through the show, a gentleman behind me made the following proclamation:

“These are the most boring people I’ve ever seen. Just look at them! They’re like fucking zombies!”

I really wanted to turn around and tell him “Hey guy. Turns out no one gives a shit.” but I didn’t. I guess he kind of has a point. Concert goers –especially in Seattle– have a penchant for standing and lightly bobbing their heads. And, honestly, can you blame them? Do you really want everyone doing The Jerk and The Pony to a fucking Stephen Malkmus song? Truth is, most rock music is head-bob-worthy but not really shake-your-ass-worthy. That’s just how rock music is.

I’ve read the opinions of Girl Talk’s detractors online and one thing that rubs a lot of the contrarians the wrong way is that Greg mashes top 40 hip-hop with seemingly unfitting pop radio hits (such as The 5 Stairsteps’ “Ooh Child”) and listeners are expected to lap it all up with a healthy spoonful of irony. Other people claim that mashups are just plain boring and uninspired. Still others say that his latest album Night Ripper is nothing more than a DJ set and not really an album worth praising.

I will say this, though: No matter what beef you have with Greg Gillis’ musicianship and “hipster cross-over” appeal, you cannot deny that, at the very least, he is forcing all of those asshole hipsters that the Internet loves to bash to gyrate their hips, shake their asses, raise their arms, and move their feet. And that is something that is inarguably good. Something that only happens because the Internet Hype Machine got the hipsters on board with Girl Talk but didn’t tell them that at the shows they’d have to actually participate and visibly have a good time.

The show was amazing and epic. He comes out in a full sweatsuit and cheap sunglasses while his intro plays. Throughout the set he gets sweatier and sweatier until he’s just wearing pants. And he’s not just getting sweaty because the stage lights are hot; no, he’s breaking a sweat because he takes every opportunity to dance with the crowd that has formed on stage with him or crowd surf on the audience below him. During his finale Nirvana cover, he was hanging upside down from the rafters above the stage lip and shouting into the microphone while the audience held him up.

And there was dancing of all kinds. The same “zombies” you see at Sonic Youth shows staring at Thurston’s pedal boards were busting moves, cutting rugs, popping, locking, and getting their collective freak on.

Girl Talk – 2007-01-27 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
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Vellela Vellela – 2007-01-27 Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
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14 Responses to “Girl Talk – 2007-01-27”

  1. rose Says:

    nicely done.

  2. donte Says:

    i’m one of the people that came up to you and asked if you were iamserious. nice to see you got permission to share your recording. nice work. keep it up.

  3. jeff Says:

    thanks much for the recording!

  4. Ian Says:



  5. Brian Says:

    I throw D’s all over bitches, Ian. All day and all night I am throwing D’s.

  6. Jim Says:

    Great recording! I was kicking myself for not buying a ticket to this show and I was too lazy to try to scalp a ticket. But damn, you made my day with this recording.

  7. Jizosh Says:

    Was linked here by a friend, but I wanted to say thanks for the awesome shows, and if you have a minute, I’d love to chat about recording. Cheers.

  8. Brian Says:

    Sure, shoot me an email or hit me up on AIM (bgconnolly)

  9. Ian Says:

    pffffft! Your site remembers me, wtf homeland security bro.


  10. joe Says:

    Thanks! Awesome show, wish I cold have been there.

  11. windwaker Says:

    Did you enjoy the Steven Malkmus show? Most of the opinions I’ve heard these days are that his new music is really bland compared to old Pavement stuff.

  12. Matthew Says:

    thanks soooo fuckin much dude, greatest show ive been to in seattle….GZA was a close second!

  13. skim Says:

    Excellent recording Brian. But how in the hell did you do it? When I saw him here at The Echo, the entire floor was a mosh pit. I had make a stance to keep myself from falling over. Did the show sell out at Chop Suey? Anyway, again, excellent work. Kudos!

  14. Brian Says:

    Show was totally sold out and I was in the back by the soundboard. It wasn’t so packed that I couldn’t keep my mics in the air, though.

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