Panther & Ratatat – 2006-12-01

December 3rd, 2006

Drove up to Bellingham to catch Ratatat because their show with The Faint in Seattle was sold out.

Both recordings turned out ok for a stealth job. Thanks to the douchebag who kept shouting “SEVENTEEN YEARS!” during and in between every song. Yeah, he’s the same guy you’ll hear clapping throughout the recording. He pretty much single-handedly ruined the tape.

Oh well.

Panther – 2006-12-01 WWU – Bellingham, WA
MP3 Sample: panther2006-12-01sample.mp3

Ratatat – 2006-12-01 WWU – Bellingham, WA
MP3 Sample: ratatat2006-12-01sample.mp3

3 Responses to “Panther & Ratatat – 2006-12-01”

  1. tunequest Says:

    Thanks for this recording. Ratatat is totally rockin my socks right now. I listened to the whole thing today and the quality is quite good, better than many “stealth jobs” I’ve heard.

    And I barely noticed the yelling dude until he managed to ruin the best part of Nostrand.

    But as you say above, “oh well.” I still enjoyed it. Thanks again.

  2. Brian Says:

    Grab the other tape I did earlier last year. It’s the same set and sounds better.

  3. tunequest Says:

    Yeah, I got that one too. Quite excellent.

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