Cursive – 2006-10-20

October 22nd, 2006

Cursive is the kind of band that you listen to on CD and you wonder how well the lead singer really sounds live. It’s so smooth and velvety yet throaty and deep. If you’ve ever seen them live, you know that Tim Kasher’s voice translates perfectly to a live setting. He sounds just like on the albums. I’d wager he sounds even better actually.

Opening for Cursive were Chin Up Chin Up and The Thermals. Both sets were pretty great, I thought. All-around a good show.

Some facts that may interest you:

  • During The Thermals’ set, some guy started moshing and accidentally hit a super tall man in the face. This caused a fight.
  • During Cursive’s set, the soundman accidentally bumped the fader on the guitar amp during one of the songs so it gets quiet for a few seconds.
  • At the end of Cursive’s set, a kid crowd surfed onto the stage right when a song ended. He didn’t know what to do.
  • I was befriended by a young gay kid and he talked to me all night. He then asked me to go to Neighbors with him and I declined
  • Chin Up Chin Up – 2006-10-20 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
    MP3 Sample: cucu2006-10-20sample.mp3

    The Thermals – 2006-10-20 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
    MP3 Sample: thermals2006-10-20sample.mp3

    Cursive – 2006-10-20 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
    MP3 Sample: cursive2006-10-20sample.mp3

    5 Responses to “Cursive – 2006-10-20”

    1. jahova Says:

      a fight? at a show in seattle? BIG shocker….

    2. estress Says:

      several years ago, the lead singer from a band (i don’t remember its name: it was a pretty lame opener) jumped in the crowd during one of the songs & the drunk guys he landed on beat the shit out of him so he never finished his set. i don’t know if it was because he was too hurt or too pissed… when the headlining band got on stage they were still laughing about it.
      you gotta love late night rock shows at small clubs in paris: they open the doors so early that everybody’s drunk long before the opening act even starts tuning! this way you get eventful mosh pits but the next day you can’t even remember what band(s) you saw.

      what’s “Neighbors”?

    3. Andy Glover Says:

      The crowdsurfer who did not know what to do requested my favorite Cursive song, Sierra. :D

    4. Brian Says:

      estress: Neighbors is a gay bar near Neumo’s.

    5. Casey Says:

      Thanks for posting these. I’m totally going to have to go pick up the Cursive CD as the live set you posted is really good and I’m excited to hear what their studio recordings sound like.

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