Ratatat & Panther DVDs

September 19th, 2006

Here are the DVDs for the Ratatat and Panther recordings from 2006-09-15 that I promised. If you want to preview them, you can go to Youtube and check out either of these playlists for the full sets:

Ratatat on Youtube
Panther on Youtube

Here are the torrent links:

Panther – 2006-09-15 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Download: panther2006-09-15.vx1000.akgc1000s.dvdf.torrent

Ratatat – 2006-09-15 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Download: ratatat2006-09-15.vx1000.akgc1000s.dvdf.torrent

2 Responses to “Ratatat & Panther DVDs”

  1. Luis Says:

    seeders for the panther dvd?

  2. Dane Says:

    haha, awesome. i was out of town when ratatat played seattle and i was so upset. now it’s like i didn’t even miss it! thanks for this.

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