Wet Confetti, S, Panda & Angel – 2006-09-09

September 10th, 2006

Well, I haven’t taped anything all month and it’s already a quarter of the way through. I only taped four shows in August. I know, I’m a failure.

So I went to this show last night at The Paradox because S is on Suicide Squeeze Records (or she was back when her first album came out) and my boss got me on the guest list. I’m not going to turn down some free concert action. I’m no fool.

I had just been introduced to the music of Wet Confetti the day of the show. I ambled down to Sonic Boom and bought the new volume of Burn To Shine and they had a song on it that I liked a good deal. They’re music is very Dischord-esque in tone and structure. I think that’s why I like it so much. Also, the singer is cute as a button.

Jenn Ghetto (of now-defunct Carissa’s Wierd) is S. She plays with Josh Wackerly (bass) and Zaun Zehner (drums) of Panda & Angel in order to flesh out her solo effort. I really like her 2004 album Puking and Crying but she only played one song off of that album (which wasn’t even completed). Even so, the new songs are pretty great and Jenn is still getting back on her feet. I’m hoping in coming months that the band will get tighter and be able to pull off some great shows.

Panda & Angel, a band I’d never heard of, headlined. They create a layered brand of powerful pop music that is, at times, driven by some pretty funky electronic drums. Overall, I dug the tunes. Track 8 is probably the best song of the show. Also, the bass player (who, I’m told, is the drummer’s girlfriend) is really hot. Just sayin’.

Wet Confetti – 2006-09-09 The Paradox Theatre – Seattle, WA
Download: wc2006-09-09.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: wc2006-09-09sample.mp3

S – 2006-09-09 The Paradox Theatre – Seattle, WA
Download: s2006-09-09.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: s2006-09-09sample.mp3

Panda & Angel – 2006-09-09 The Paradox Theatre – Seattle, WA
Download: pa2006-09-09.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: pa2006-09-09sample.mp3

3 Responses to “Wet Confetti, S, Panda & Angel – 2006-09-09”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Wow, you have a fast host! I’m grabbing the S show now (always liked carissa’s wierd) and you are maxing me out at 8Mb/1MB per second. Amazing! Thanks for the show!

  2. Zaied Says:

    I have to say Wet Confetti and The Helio Sequence are my two fav PDX bands and you’ve come through with shows from both. Thank you sir, thank you!

  3. Luis Says:

    thanks for the wet confetti set as well as the other two.

    my cousin is actually good friends with wc!

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