Built To Spill – 2006-06-14

June 16th, 2006

Second night comin’ atcha. Opened and closed with the same tunes but the middle is where the creamy goodness lies. For the second night, BTS blessed Seattle with Liar, Life’s A Dream, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, and Gone.

The Calvin Johnson skit is missing from this night but they played two more songs total. Overall, the sound is a lot nicer and the band played tighter. The diginoise that I experienced on Tuesday night popped up again during Helvetia’s set but not during the other two bands. I’m going to sit down and figure out where the problem is (and I might run the JB3 as a backup if it is, in fact, the S/PDIF cable that is culprit).

Built To Spill – 2006-06-14 The Showbox – Seattle, WA
Download: bts2006-06-14.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: bts2006-06-14sample.mp3

EDIT: Removed opening sets to make space on the server.

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  1. Mat Says:

    Thank you

  2. Zach Says:

    Thanks for taping!

  3. sdc Says:

    Thanks so much for taping these shows. I really appreciate it.

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