Part Man Part Horse – 2006-03-25

March 27th, 2006

I figure since I’ve got a new hobby and it’s pretty fun, I should start sharing the fruits of my labor with my best friend, the Internet.

I’ve been taping pretty regularly since January. The list of shows includes:

    The Advantage
    Animal Collective
    Band Of Horses
    Big Business
    Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
    Minus The Bear
    These Arms Are Snakes

Most of these recordings turned out pretty well. I’m amazed at how easy it is to set up my equipment and pull a pretty good tape without really knowing all that much about audio and not having spent thousands of dollars on my equipment. I’m also really getting into taping local bands at smaller venues. I don’t know why but it’s cool to record something like that… it feels more like I’m doing a service to the city’s music scene by preserving local shows than it does when I record a band that is just touring through town.

Bearing that in mind, I’ve decided to upload my recording from Saturday night. Part Man Part Horse opened up for some touring bands at The Funhouse and I captured the aural magic. Gary was in top form and stoned out of his gourd as far as I could tell. He ran around the venue, threw water at people, called the crowd “stupid” on multiple occasions, and generally did his thing.

And now it’s your turn to share in that magic.

Part Man Part Horse – 2006-03-25 The Funhouse – Seattle, WA
MP3 Sample: pmph2006-03-25sample.mp3

All of these files are in FLAC because that is how I roll. Mac users will have to decode to WAV in order to get them to work I imagine (just use xACT) and Windows users, well…. Foobar2000 ver .9 just came out so go and get that and ditch Winamp for a change.

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