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February 27th, 2009

I have gone through and edited all of the old posts where I had individual FLAC files available for download and repackaged them as zip files to make it easier.

I’m in the process of going back and making all of the shows available in high quality V0 MP3 format (along side the FLAC format).

Additionally, I am going back through my video catalog and putting up all of my old content as streamable video as I get to it. So far it’s slow going but I did finish re-authoring the Explosions in the Sky DVD I did in 2007 at Neumo’s.

Thoughts (2009-02-25)

February 25th, 2009

iamserio.us Video Zine Forthcoming

February 23rd, 2009

I’m making a video zine that I am going to publish on the Internet and locally using DVDs.

The idea is to feature five or six bands with an emphasis on instrumental bands. Hopefully I can overlap that interest with many local bands but I can’t promise there won’t be times when members of Partman Parthorse are putting beer bottles in places that aren’t supposed to feature such glassware. Because, in all honesty, that’s coming down the pipe. Excuse my word choice.

Here is a rundown of what will be available:

    Each video from the zine in individual videos.
    The entire video as one continuous video.
    The entire DVD as an ISO.
    A 300dpi printable DVD cover.

A lot of the footage in this DVD might be old news since it will be content that I’ve featured on my site but I’m doing this to connect with a wider local audience as well as build my portfolio of works as a professional. There are a lot of edges to this sword that I’m swinging.

There will also be footage that I’ve never put online before for various reasons. Some of these reasons include: I’m lazy, I’m unmotivated, I’m forgetful.

Hopefully this will be a great way to feature a handful of choice songs from bands that I enjoy in an easy to process format. Maybe you’re the kind of person who just wants to watch one song and not sit through an entire production. If that’s the case then this is going to be just the thing for you.

And finally, if you enjoyed the Sleepy Eyes of Death show I recorded at The Holy Mountain then feel free to come to their next show at The Sunset Tavern on March 7th.

Thoughts (2009-02-17)

February 17th, 2009
  • I’m looking for a photographer willing to work in exchange for publication #
  • I’m now uploading MP3 encodes of my shows to my site. It’s sort of stupid not to. #

Sleepy Eyes of Death, Bronze Fawn – 2009-02-07

February 17th, 2009

There’s a guy wearing a pair of air traffic controller headphones and he’s got to be at least sixty. Next to him a lady in her early fifties is grinding up against a young man who should appear to be but isn’t at all out of his element. A fifteen year-old drinking Pabst. Some guy peeing in the bathroom sink. It smells like paint and cigarettes. What is this.

Oh. It’s an art space show.

These kinds of shows are my favorite sort. There’s no security and no heat. The start time of the show is fluid and sometimes bands start playing that aren’t even on the bill that doesn’t really exist. It’s everyone’s favorite party and usually the sound is pretty good because there’s no way a co-op art warehouse has the funds or a space big enough to own a decent PA or mic kit. This way all you’re hearing are the band as they would sound on-stage at a proper venue. You know, if that stage were shoved into the room venue’s bathroom.

The Holy Mountain is such a place. Once named The Booty Cave and now drawing it’s namesake from the most nonsensically obtuse movie I’ve ever seen, The Holy Mountain is such a space where people live, work, play, and puke.

Both Sleepy Eyes of Death and Bronze Fawn are bands that have members who some might consider auxiliary or who? In the case of Bronze Fawn, it is Dan. At most shows he’s right up front near the stage where you can peer over your nose at his frantic yet controlled button pushing. Almost always when a band uses live projection it’s a looped DVD but since two of the members are Adobe employees who are heavily into video I can understand the inclusion of a live VJ for their set.

Unfortunately for Bronze Fawn, the use of any sort of plain white wall was not to be had. Every wall: covered in painting, sculpture, and creation. I thought to myself “Their video projection could look sort of cool on this wall.” as I looked at a pentagram painted on the wall. My mind is immediately sent back to the images in the film that haunt me still.

It was then I realized that the venue shares with the film not only name but visual effect as well. The surfaces of the room all shimmer and stare with sculpted masks and crossed grid pattens. The video projection over the pentagram was not as cool as I had hoped. The band really needs to invest in some sort of backdrop for these situations.

Bronze Fawn – Live @ The Holy Mountain

On the completely different end of the spectrum, Sleepy Eyes of Death were not affected one bit by their surroundings and made it clear during their performance that it didn’t matter where they were. With a complete fog and lights show to accompany their performance, there were times when you couldn’t see but a few feet around the band as the fog billowed up from around their feet. Behind the fog the lights shone up from the floor giving the air around the band texture and color. Dramatic shoots of amber and neon blue silhouette each member along with the tone and pace of the song. Enough to make you wonder “Is there some old man in a beanie working this Lazer Lightshow I’m trippin’ on?”

And, in fact, there is. He sits at the side of the stage with his light mixing board and an itchy finger on the fog release. When the crescendo hits so does the lightning storm of strobe and moonbeams straight from the ether. If you pay attention closely in the video you can spy him hunched over at his station. You can see him making the show that much better for you. Unsung.

With so many bands hiking the instrumental route anymore, it’s refreshing that a band like Bronze Fawn is engaging not only with their melodies but also with a visual show to make their performance stand out from the rest. That the visual show is handled on the fly makes it that much more engaging. Likewise, Sleepy Eyes of Death remain one of the most exciting and head rush inducing performers in their genre. While bands like The Depreciation Guild and Anamanaguchi are experimenting in 8-bit sounds washed over with guitars, it seems that Sleepy Eyes of Death are attacking the mixture with so much more presence and urgency.

Sleepy Eyes of Death – Live @ The Holy Mountain

Bronze Fawn – 2009-02-07 The Holy Mountain – Seattle, WA

Download FLAC: bf2009-02-07.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
Download MP3: bf2009-02-07.mp3.zip
Sample: bf2009-02-07sample.mp3

SD FLV (344 MB): bf2009-02-07.flv
HD MP4 (1.66 GB): bf2009-02-07.mp4

Sleepy Eyes of Death – 2009-02-07 The Holy Mountain – Seattle, WA

Download FLAC: seod2009-02-07.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
Download MP3: seod2009-02-07.mp3.zip
MP3 Sample: seod2009-02-07sample.mp3

SD FLV (331 MB): seod2009-02-07.flv
HD MP4 (1.38 GB): seod2009-02-07.mp4

Thoughts (2009-02-13)

February 13th, 2009
  • The new MSTRKRFT leaked. Tracklisting looks like a Ratatat mixtape or something. #
  • http://tinyurl.com/5hncdt You just know some guy made this and decided Election Night is going to be the night of my musical coup on Sea … #
  • Silenceisdefeat has changed its domain to Silenceisdefeat.com as it fights a legal dispute over their old domain #

Thoughts (2009-02-12)

February 12th, 2009

Thoughts (2009-02-11)

February 11th, 2009
  • I need suggestions for a good place to put out the rest of my old zine. #

Thoughts (2009-02-10)

February 10th, 2009

Iron & Wine, Subtle, Efterklang

February 4th, 2009

I went to see Iron & Wine back in October as part of a trip to Eugene I took with my lovely girlfriend, Rachel. It was absolutely necessary, you see, since this Iron & Wine tour was not making a stop in Seattle. Not only that but the show in Eugene was to be a solo act and thank the Bee Jee for that. Not really in the mood for one of his reggae sessions. I need my folk clean and original. None of that Jah Love.

I even made some artwork for this one for a different project. It came out pretty good so here it is. Boom. You’re lookin’ at it. Click the image for a high res version you can print off all on your own! Wahoo!

All in all a good show and a pretty good recording with which to shove that point into all of your faces. Boom. You’re hearin’ it.

Iron & Wine 2008-10-06 McDonald Theater – Eugene, OR
Download: iaw2008-10-06.at943.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: iaw2008-10-06sample.mp3

And even before that, there was another time that I slam dunked on this scene like a hellacoptah. There surely was a time in May of last year when I saw Subtle drop a lyrical bomb on The Nectar Lounge down in Fremont. And for certain it was the man with the plan and the microphone stand.

Supporting acts were Efterklang and Slaraffenland from somewhere in Europe that is probably cold as hell right now. Finland? Sweden? I don’t know. One of those ones. If there is interest I’ll put up the Slaraffenland set.

Subtle 2008-05-10 The Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA
Download: subtle2008-05-10.akgc1000s.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: subtle2008-05-10sample.mp3

Efterklang2008-05-10 The Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA
Download: efterklang2008-05-10.soundboard.flac16.zip
MP3 Sample: efterklang2008-05-10sample.mp3